Miscellaneous Charges

In addition to standard building services provided at 609 Main, the following above-standard services will be supplied at a nominal charge to the tenant. Requests for these services must be submitted by the Tenant Contact to the Management Office, and are subject to charges which may include the administrative fee allowable under your lease.

The following is a list of services currently offered on an above-standard basis:

  1. After-hours Air-Conditioning
    • Requests for overtime air conditioning should be submitted to the Management Office by 3:30 PM during business hours. If overtime air conditioning is needed on a holiday, requests should be submitted no later than noon on the last normal business day immediately preceding the holiday. If overtime air conditioning is needed after-hours, requests should be given to the lobby security console officer.
  2. Lock and Key Maintenance
    • Re-key
    • Additional keys
    • Exchanging cylinders, passage sets, or lock sets
    • Cost for above work will be provided upon request.
  3. Additional Maid or Janitorial Service
    • A cost for special cleaning will be provided upon request.
  4. Additional/ Replacement access cards – a minimal charge will be incurred based on tenant lease agreement.