The building has a 24 hour, 7 days per week on-site security team.

  • The security officers play the role of Lobby ambassadors, enforce the building rules, assist tenants and visitors, and provide response to building emergencies.
  • The building is equipped with a monitored and recorded camera system, access control system, blue-light emergency call stations, fire monitoring and suppression system and many other state-of-the-art security features.
  • Tenants should use “911” to report fire or medical emergencies and other events.
  • It is the desire of Hines Management to maintain reasonable security of the building, the occupants, and their possessions. Because of the public nature of the building, large numbers of people are continually entering the building and there is always the possibility of petty thievery and other incidents.

While personnel of the building are constantly on guard to protect your property, your observance of the following suggestions will be most helpful and mutually beneficial:

  1. Notify the Management Office when loiterers are observed in corridors or restrooms, also report peddlers and canvassers. Keep the solicitor in your office and call the Security Guard at (281) 833-3609 or the Management Office at (281) 833-3636. Personnel will be directed to escort the solicitor off the property.
  2. When there is no one in the office, do not leave the door unlocked, even for a short time.
  3. Handbags, coats and other articles of value should not be left unguarded in reception areas.
  4. It is unwise to leave valuables or articles of personal property on desks or in unlocked drawers.
  5. Keys should be collected from employees leaving your service.
  6. Make sure that the corridor door is closed and locked when leaving your office.
  7. Corridor doors must be kept closed at all times to conform to Fire Codes.
  8. Please instruct your employees not to hold open any doors for strangers.

Your cooperation is requested in observing the above suggestions and we request that you inform new employees in to maintain the privacy and security at 609 Main.

We recommend that the above suggestions be copied and distributed to your employees periodically.

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