Carwash Service

Carwash Clever is a mobile carwash service that washes the interior and exterior of your vehicle right at its parking spot.

With this carwash service, park in your usual (or daily) spot and return to a fully detailed vehicle. Carwash Clever brings the cleaning tools to your vehicle and will provide you with a cleaning solution that does not require water or the relocation of your vehicle.

To get your car wash started:

  1. Visit CarWash Clever's website.
    • Click on the "Sign-Up for a Wash" on the top right corner of the webpage.
    • Create a username and a password and enter your vehicles details
    • Choose location and wash package and click schedule
    • Pay for your services and receive confirmation through an email
    • A CarWash Clever representative will be waiting to receive your keys in the building Lobby through a numbered key lockbox if you chose interior cleaning.
    • Once the car wash is complete, a completion message will be sent and your key will be returned to your suite.
      • For more information check out their website.