Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning station, serviced by WN Dry Cleaning Services, is located on the B1 level, at the base of the escalator.

To initiate service:

  1. Pick up a packet from the dry-cleaning room and complete the enclosed form.
  2. Once the form is complete, place the form and your clothing items in the bag, then seal.
  3. Drop the sealed bag in the service box, located in the dry-cleaning room. Items will be returned within two business days, and you will receive a permanent dry-cleaning bag to use for all future dry cleaning or laundry services.
  4. Once your clothing items have been cleaned, you will receive an email to pick up your items from a designated locker in the dry-cleaning room. The email will provide the locker number and access instructions.

Contact WN Dry Cleaning Services by email at ailliamnix13@gmail.com or by telephone at (281) 796-1101.