609 Main garage is managed by Winpark Parking. The parking team can be reached at

609 Main has an eleven-level, above ground, unreserved/visitor parking garage enterable from Fannin Street and a two-level, below ground, reserved parking garage enterable from Texas Avenue. Parking at 609 Main is for building and visitor use.

Contract parking is available for tenant companies per the lease agreement. Each parker will need to fill out a Winpark Parking Contract Parking Agreement found in the Forms Section. The garage is equipped with AVI readers that can read Harris County EZ Tags and Texas Toll Tags and will automatically open the gate when you drive up. If your vehicle has an AVI-compatible tag already, we must program your tag into the garage’s system for access. If your vehicle does not have a tag, we can supply you with a window sticker or you can use your building access badge. Costs associated with contract parking, window stickers and building badges are dictated by your Lease.

Please note that AVI Tags are equipped with an anti-pass back feature which prohibits the ability to allow more than one car through the entry / exit terminal. Once a tag has been read by one of the terminal sensors the transponder will not work again at that particular terminal until the transponder has been read by the entry/exit terminal first.

Based upon availability, tenants may elect to Lease additional reserved and unreserved parking spaces (beyond those stipulated in the Lease) in the garage on a month-to-month basis.

Visitor parking rates are as follows (note - Credit cards and Validations ONLY - NO CASH ACCEPTED):

Daily Maximum

Lost Ticket Fee $40.00
Time in Minutes Rate Hours
0-30 $10.00
31-60 $15.00 1 hour
61-90 $20.00
91-120 $25.00 2 hours
121-150 $30.00
151-180 $35.00 3 hours
181+ $40.00 Over 3 hours

Tenants may purchase validations though the Property Management and Parking Office at

No visitor after-hours parking is available. Contract parkers have access to the garage 24/7 using their tag. All visitors or non-contract employees that need to enter the garage after hours or on weekends must notify their Tenant Contact so they can inform the Parking Manager. Security will give those parkers access to the garage, but they must pull a ticket and pay / validate at the posted rates. No after hours or weekend rates are available. These visitors need to be added to the building after-hours parking list.

Please provide the following information so they can be added to the afterhours building parking list:

  • The name / names of the visiting parker / parkers.
  • Where the parker / parkers will be going to in the building (specify the name of the company and the floor that they will need access to).
  • Specify the time the parker / parkers will need to enter and exit
  • Specify if the parker / parkers will be here for an event and with what company.

Any vehicle found to be violating the posted signs will be towed from the premises at the owner’s expense.

  • Additionally, any vehicles left on the premises for any extended period without pre-approval from the Property Management Office will be removed from the premises at the owner’s expense.
  • If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at the Property Management Office at (281) 833-3636.

CLICK HERE for designated food delivery parking.

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