Graphics & Signage

A tenant’s logo and other forms of location identification are important to both the tenant and the building. Corridor identification is important for everyone.

For these reasons, it is requested that all requirements for graphics be made through written request directed to the Management Office prior to tenant’s occupancy. In many cases, a tenant’s architect or space planner will submit the specifications for the graphics package to the tenant. The tenant will, in turn, submit the graphics package to the Management Office for approval. Such approvals will be made in a timely manner and will be made in writing or by signing the approved graphics plans and specifications.

For the protection of all tenants, no signs, posters, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on any of the windows, doors or any other part of the building at 609 Main without Management’s approval. Your cooperation in this area will ensure that 609 Main is maintained as a first-class office building.