Building Maintenance & Service Requests

609 Main has engineers on duty during normal weekday building hours. They are there to maintain the building and service your needs. Tenant Contacts should notify the Management Office of all building maintenance items, abnormal room temperatures, or cleaning problems.

When reporting maintenance items to the Management Office, please provide the following information:

  1. Give the exact location.
  2. Provide a contact person, if necessary.
  3. Clearly identify the problem.
    • An engineer or day porter will be dispatched to correct the problem.

Maintenance requests that are above the building standard services will require a written request to the Management Office. Small items, such as replacing incandescent bulbs, may be handled through a work order ticket.

You may be required to fill out a Tenant Work Order Request form for building services.


  • All service requests are to be directed to the Property Management Office personnel. It is preferred that work requests are not given directly to the engineers while they are in the field unless it is an emergency. When service requests are made to the Property Management Office, a work order is generated.
  • All service requests should be entered into the building’s work order system, Angus AnyWhere. The log-in and tutorial information will be provided to each tenant’s operational contact by Property Management when you move in.
  • For any questions/inquires, you are welcome to send an email to the Property Management Team at or call (281) 833-3636.


  • The building heating / air conditioning service is provided in accordance with the hours as outlined in your Lease. Overtime Air Request forms can be found in the Forms Section of this manual and will be billed in accordance to the terms of your lease.

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