You are in a building that is riser managed by Summit Riser Systems, but this riser program does not dictate which provider or carrier you choose for your telecommunications of data services, nor the contractor you select to perform voice and data cabling within your suite space.

Riser Management Policies:

  1. For the purposes of riser management as it pertains to this program, the vertical riser pathway is defined as the space between the property’s MPOE (main phone room) and the Tenant’s in-suite server room, plywood backboard or in-suite demarcation point and all associated riser closets in between.
  2. SRS will work with the owner, Tenants and service providers to identify concerns relating to, and develop procedures to ensure the orderly management and distribution of the telecommunication infrastructure.
  3. Only SRS and/or SRS approved personnel will be allowed to perform work on or within the vertical riser facilities and property’s MPOE / telephone closets, provided that Manager and/or Owner, in their sole discretion may make exceptions to such policy.
  4. SRS will be responsible for the installation of all feed cables (copper, fiber, coax, inner-duct, CATV, Satellite, etc.) that originates in the building MPOE, riser closets and rooftop and terminates at the Tenant in-suite DMARC.
  5. Service providers such as AT&T and Verizon will be granted access to the MPOE ONLY for the purpose of delivering circuits to the building and on occasion, the troubleshooting of circuits. If access beyond the MPOE is requested, the service provider or the Tenant for whom they are working for should contact SRS immediately for further information.
  6. SRS is responsible for the installation of any additional vertical riser cabling required within the property.
  7. SRS is responsible for the assignment of existing cable pairs to the Tenants to ensure proper and fair allocation or vertical riser resources at Owners discretion, provided that Owner and/or Manager, in their sole discretion, may, make exceptions to such policy.
  8. All service providers and Tenants shall contract with SRS to provide connections to the building riser system or to any phone closets, provided that Owner and/or Manager, in their sole discretion, may make exceptions to such policy.
  9. SRS should be contacted just prior to a Tenant move-out to demolish and clean up all cabling from the in-suite DMARC, plywood backboard or server room, back to the building’s riser closet and MPOE. This work would include the removal of all cross connect wires, non-industry standard feed cables, individual four pair cables or any other cabling not consistent with the Property’s riser management program.
  10. SRS will dedicate cabling technicians that will be responsible for meeting the needs of the Property’s Tenants and Management. Said technicians will be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies. SRS is required on the Tenants behalf to provide 48 Hour notice to the Property Management office on all site visits. If proper notification is not communicated, you risk the possibility of your scheduled service being turned away.

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