Tenant Contact Information

Through experience we have learned the best way to effectively serve our tenants is to have primary contact information on file with specific individual names for each of the main aspects of Landlord / Tenant business:

  • Operations Contact (for day to day contact, routine service)
  • Financial / Accounting Contact (for accounting functions: monthly rent, annual expense reconciliations, etc.)
  • Leasing Contact (for Lease renewal, Lease modification, etc.)
  • IT Contact (to call in case of server room cooling, power or water issues)
  • Emergency Contact (person to call after-hours at home / cell phone number in the event of an emergency)

A Tenant Contact Form, found in the Forms Section, should be filled out and emailed to 609Main.PM@hines.com. We also ask that when information changes you keep us informed by submitting a revised form to us as quickly as possible. In addition, as part of our annual audit of records, we will send you the completed form once a year requesting confirmation and/or updates as appropriate.

CLICK HERE for Tenant Contact Form.