Access & After-Hours Access


Business Hours (Excluding recognized building holidays):

  • Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Access cards will be issued to tenants according to lease provisions. Additional access cards may be purchased through the Property Management Office. The building will be locked on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to maintain security.

609 Main is equipped with an access card system that controls access after business hours to the building. Some of the features of the system include:

  • Maintains a record and can produce activity reports of all cards used to access the building after-hours (card number, date, time, door location, etc.)
  • Enables a card for assignment to an individual
  • Can customize the hours of access programmed for individual cards
  • Can disable lost/stolen card key(s)
  • To obtain access cards, an Access Card Request Form will need to be completed. The number of cards you request will determine the time frame in which we can complete the programming, testing, and delivery of your order.


  • Uniformed security officers are on duty in the building 24-hours each day.
  • Tenants accessing the building after-hours can enter using their valid security access card via the Main St. entrance card reader. These doors are also to be used to exit the building after hours.
  • If the tenant does not have their access card, we will verify that the information on their driver's license matches the data in our access control system. If we do not find a match, we will call the tenant contact for approval before access is given. If the tenant does not have an access card issued in their name, but has other proof of employment (i.e. business card), the tenant contact will be called for verification and approval.
  • Tenants are responsible for the security of their individual suite. Security officers are not allowed to open locked doors for any person after working hours unless authorization is obtained from the tenant contact and the Property Management Office.

After-Hour Deliveries

  • The Lobby officer is not authorized to sign for packages or food deliveries and these deliveries will not be allowed past the security console. If you are expecting an after-hours delivery, please inform the Lobby officer with the name and phone number of the individual that will be available to pick-up the delivery when it arrives. Due to liability issues, we cannot sign for packages at the security console.

Problems After-Hours

  • For after hour’s emergencies, please contact Building Security at (281) 833-3609, and Security will contact the appropriate Management Personnel.
  • CLICK HERE for the Access Card Request Form.


  • Below is information regarding the use of the Security Access Card System at 609 Main. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at the Property Management Office at (281) 833-3636.
  • After normal business hours, the security system will automatically lock all base building doors to the building and access into 609 Main can only be made by authorized personnel with valid security access cards. The front Main Street entrance and the back Fannin Street entrance are equipped with card readers and intercoms which enable tenants / visitors to speak with security. To open the doors, you must present your card over a card reader. Once the card is accepted, the doors will unlock for ten (10) seconds.


  • All requests for security access cards must be made in writing and signed by a manager. A copy of the Access Card Request form has been included in the Forms Section of this Manual. The form can be emailed to our office at A minimal charge will be incurred based on tenant lease agreement for lost, stolen or damaged cards.
  • Kindly advise your staff that there is a replacement fee for a lost or stolen card, as well as for any additional access cards requested after the initial batch is distributed at Lease Commencement. It is each tenant’s responsibility to provide Property Management with notice as soon as possible if you wish to deactivate a card, especially in the event of an involuntary termination of an employee.
  • Access cards can be reassigned from one employee to the next by notifying the Property Management Office of the name change so that programming is correct and we can maintain accurate records.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to have an electronic access control system installed in your suite. As part of your installation package, your access control contractor may provide suite badges that may be compatible with the base building access control system. Please check with your Property Management Office to see if your suite badges can be entered into the base building system so your employees have an opportunity to carry only one access card.

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